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Social Media Mind Cotrol

In both THE FALL OF PARIS: THE COMUNE and this weeks Western Philosophy episode CONDEMNED TO BE FREE I mentioned this interview with Dr Robert Epstein about how big tech / social media could screw around with the way people vote.

"Dr. Epstein: Well, a lot is going on, which people are generally unaware of. Basically, I’ve been studying now for more than six-and-a-half years a number of techniques that big tech companies have available to them—and it’s available to them exclusively—for shifting people’s opinions, thinking, attitudes, beliefs, purchases, and votes without people knowing and without leaving a paper trail. So it turns out there’s a whole class of techniques that they have available to them which have never existed before in human history. I stumbled onto one of those techniques about six-and-a-half years ago and began studying it very carefully in controlled experiments. Since then I’ve found about a dozen techniques like this. I’m currently studying seven of them."

This is something we have been talking about on the show for a while now, if you recall these classic episodes:

Computational Propaganda: Social media Mind Control

Data Mining: Leveraging Friends and Influencing People

The Media, Retailers of Agenda: The Exploitation and Tyranny of Ignorance

Media Manipulation: Selective Outrage

Media Effect: Uses and Gratification Theory in the Age of Social Media

Government Sponsored Social Media Techo-Censorship


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