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Crowley's Magic Circle and Altar

Since I did such a shitty job trying to explain this on this weeks show... Here are the diamond triangles, the 10 part tau, and the circle.

We talked about this double cube business too. And how it relates to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.
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Social Media Mind Cotrol

In both THE FALL OF PARIS: THE COMUNE and this weeks Western Philosophy episode CONDEMNED TO BE FREE I mentioned this interview with Dr Robert Epstein about how big tech / social media could screw around with the way people vote.

"Dr. Epstein: Well, a lot is going on, which people are generally unaware of. Basically, I’ve been studying now for more than six-and-a-half years a number of techniques that big tech companies have available to them—and it’s available to them exclusively—for shifting people’s opinions, thinking, attitudes, beliefs, purchases, and votes without people knowing and without leaving a paper trail. So it turns out there’s a whole class of techniques that they have available to them which have never existed before in human history. I stumbled onto one of those techniques about six-and-a-half years ago and began studying it very carefully in controlled experiments. Since then I’ve found about a dozen techniques like this. I’m currently studying seven of them.&q…

Princess of Wands

Princess of Wands This Princess is in a search for someone, a messenger, envoy, diplomat or a lover.

A brother or sister, schoolmate, messenger, postman or envoy, functionary or official of subordinate position, generally a younger man, sometimes on an errand; messages, letters, communications, teaching, instruction, lesson, advertisement, advice, announcement. News. (From the eleventh house): A friend, some one in business relation with the querent, or with whom he agrees. Telegraph, telephone and wireless. Intuitive connection, telepathy, invention. Helpful influences in general, helpful people of all sorts, tradesmen, purveyors, etc. changes in the home, house or family; memories awakened, divulgation of family secrets or private matters; an intruder in the home. A man of doubtful though not necessarily bad character. (From the twelfth house): An investigator, occultist, explorer, sailor, traveller on the high seas, wanderer, a guide through strange experiences, vagrant Bohemian type…

Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands
This young man is a traveler or an immigrant. He might be fleeing from something, but probably charging towards something.

He is a Flying Hussar of Jan Sobieski III.

The workings of Air by a special and mighty agent--for this the knight is in all cases--on the houses of water, here the Fourth and the Twelfth, causes turbulence, motion, emotion (though it must be borne in mind, that it is not emotion in itself); the action of the air on the water causes waves. In the case of the fourth house the knight relates to family matters or household conditions, eventually the father, to internal conditions in society or groups of people. It must further relate to memories and the past in general, because it means the awakening of the sentiments. The traditional conclusions have been drawn evidently in the negative for the greater part, in consideration of the fact that the sentiments generally are misleading. That they give reason for many changes is quite true. In the case of th…

Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands Where the king was seated on his throne with a solid background we see the Queen standing and behind her a sky filled with clouds. She is an honorable, economic, honest county lady.

A woman of economical habits, wealthy or desiring wealth, steadily resolved to get at riches, certainly not 'cheap; more or less artistic, may be a painter, dancer or musician; she is faithful, but may be subject to moods and changes of taste. Honesty may be certified, but not without a certain amount of egotism, e.g. materialism. She is very passive and cool, phlegmatic and not easily to be roused to passion, if ever. This of course makes the impression of 'chaste.' There is, however, a solid sort of sensuality. In strong cases there is real virtue. Banking, agriculture, art, capital, money. The latter more to be seen as 'money-matters' than as 'ready money,' and rather papers of value, shares, bonds, banknotes, than coined money. General Book of the Tarot by A.E. …

The Return of the Gnostics with Miguel Conner

King of Wands

King of Wands
The king of wands is a well intentioned but very serious country gentleman. He is a kind and generous father, he cherishes his marriage and holds his union sacred.
A governor, director of business, high official, postmaster, solicitor, manager, independent trader, Secretary of State, and the principles or functions for which they stand. The house of Mars imparts austerity, security and generally initiative and honesty; in weak cases there may be, however, some doubt with regard to his absolute integrity. He may be the authority, who concludes a union, viz. notary, clergyman or civil authority. In the church he is the High Priest, in the lodge the Grand Master. - General Book of the Tarot by A.E. Thierens

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